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Scary Water Scare!!

How Panicked will we be?……..

contaminated water sign


Water! It is the source of life. Without it, you would be dead in three days! Maybe even hours, depending on the weather and your physical condition. I just read an article on how a city in China is panicked and buying bottled water because their government announced that the water supply was contaminated. The article is here.


Why should I store water? Now, people ask why do I need to do that? Or, they poke fun at the people that do. If you are one of those people in china, I will bet you would be glad you had water stored. Not making light of their plight, but I think situations like these should be used to teach us something.


Hurricanes and tornadoes and lies, oh my! Now let’s think about our country and our town and our neighborhood. What would happen if we were just informed that the water supply was undrinkable? What if we couldn’t even boil it to make it safe? How about if, like in this article, the water was polluted due to industrial pollution? There are cases that companies have done some not so great things and lied about it. Only to come out later and admit that they, in fact had some issue that contaminated the water supply. If we have a local weather event, like a hurricane or tornado and the power is knocked out for a week or two, what then? If you had stored water, you would be able to sleep a bit easier at night.


Just a little responsibility. That is all that is needed. The average human uses about 3 gallons of water per day. We Americans use way more than that. I am not putting that down. If we can do it responsibly, why not. I believe we are to enjoy the fruits of the Earth that were given to us by God to enjoy….but I digress. If we needed to cut to a bare minimum for a short period of time, we could do it. For a family of four that would be 12 gallons a day. Now one week would be 84 gallons. Two weeks 168 gallons.


There is no secret here! How to store water? It is easy! I find the best way is to get the 1 gallon jugs from the Lipton ice tea. 1 gal lipton iced teaClean them out with a little bleach, and then fill er’ up and store it. There is no need to put bleach in the water, but if it makes you feel better, go right ahead. Just don’t over do it. I got this method of storing water from Jack Spirko at Another way is to use soda bottles. Anything can be used, I think it is better to use something that is sturdy and can take being dropped without breaking.


So there it is….. A simple way to start storing water for an emergency. All you need is a bit of care for yourself, responsibility and patience. You can store the jugs in closets, under beds, and in basements. Pretty much anywhere you have space. Just keep it out of the light. Put 50 to 100 gallons away and the next time you can’t drink your tap water or the next time there is a scare of water being polluted and there is a run on water at the store, you do not have to fear.


What do you think? Do you have any other ways of storing water? How about other containers? Post your comments.


Freedom, A Cornerstone To Be Cherished!

we_the_people for freedom post

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Eat Your Way Healthy!

eating you way to healthy 2

Eating food is a very important part of life. Without it….we die! I would even go so far as to say with most foods we eat today, we are killing ourselves. Read on to find out what you should do to stop poisoning your body with every bite you take.

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One Person’s Trash Can Be A Homesteaders Treasure.


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Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

right to bear arms

Sandy Hook, Clackamas Town Center mall, Aurora, we all know about these incidents. Yes they are sad and no they should not happen. Too many today are blaming an inanimate object for these shootings. Getting rid of guns will not stop public violence. In fact, I say it will have the opposite effect.


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Modern Pioneering with Lambs Quarters

Courtesy of Robert Vidéki, DoronicumKft.,

As modern day pioneers, our goal is to explore, discover new things. To uncover new ways of doing things. One such way we can and should is to find alternate foods that we can use.

Courtesy of Robert Vidéki, DoronicumKft.,

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Worth a Thousand Words?



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I figured putting pictures to compare the different things that we eat in this country, would make it clear as to what we, as modern day pioneers should be eating.

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Natural flavors….

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Oh So Yummy Cream of Mushroom Soup

photo 4

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Eating Habits of America

eating habits 1

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